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An Unconditional Love Letter to the USA

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Dear America,

I know, right? It’s bad. Not only are you now stuck with Trump as president, but to add insult to injury, the world now views you as mysogenistic, racist and culturally uneducated. So much for being the ‘land of the free’.

If it’s any consolation, I know how you feel. Remember Brexit? Like any of us would be allowed to forget… Another binary opposition. Another close call. Another (in my opinion) wrong outcome. So I know how it feels to watch your country choose insularity over global connections, to choose homogeneity over cultural diversity, and to split itself down the middle.

You might be thinking that the whole world hates you (well, except Russia of course). You might be feeling ashamed.

Don’t. Your country is amazing.

Sure, you’ve elected a president who’s proved time and again that he’s unfit for office, but don’t let that blind you to all the wonderful things you’ve got going for you.

I was lucky enough to spend a total of 8 weeks in America this summer. I stayed with family in Kansas, I road tripped up the west coast, and I visited New York for a friend’s wedding.

Every single person I met was kind and welcoming. Not once did I encounter anyone who seemed fuelled by hate or anger. Everyone just wanted to show me the best of their country.

Admittedly I’m not Mexican or Muslim, but I am a woman. I’m happy to say that during none of my trips did anyone attempt to grab me – either by the pussy or any other part of my anatomy.

In fact, I had wonderful, warm, intelligent conversations with people across the states. Go into a coffee shop? Conversation with the people at the next table. Browsing in a shop? Start chatting with the shopkeeper and / or fellow shoppers. Waiting in the airport? Getting to know my fellow travellers.

American hospitality is legendary. Sure, it’s taken a hit in the immigration department, but don’t be defeatist. Focus on your positives. Help them grow. Sure, you may have a different man in charge – but you can still play to your strengths. Don’t let yourselves forget what wonderful people you really are.

Because despite the fact that your storms and forest fires tried to kill me this summer, I still left your borders eager to return and explore more of your friendly, intriguing and quite frankly stunning nation. And this election hasn’t changed that in the slightest.

Keep your chin up, America. You always were great, despite what Trump says, and I know you’ll continue to be great and full of heart for the years to come.

Love, hope & travel dreams,


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