7 Accidental Discoveries in New York

There are as many different travel styles are there are people who travel. At one extreme there are the people who research everything, who plan for every eventuality and leave nothing to chance. At the other end of the spectrum … Continued

The Land of the Free? Exploring the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty: a green-skinned icon, proudly shining her light over New York Harbour and welcoming the weary traveller to the self-proclaimed Land of the Free. It might seem odd, then, to talk about Lady Liberty in the same … Continued

Waking Up in Vegas: my top 5 things to do in Sin City

Vegas is crazy. If you’ve been, you’ll already know this. If not, then you probably know it by reputation anyway. I’m talking, of course, about downtown Vegas. More commonly known as The Strip. The tourist trap jam packed with hotels … Continued

The Worst Places We Stayed on our Western American Road Trip

I’ve already talked about the 5 best places we stayed on our Western American road trip. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all yurt glamping and cosy cabins in the mountains. Most of our accommodation probably came somewhere in the middle. If it … Continued

The 5 Best Places We Stayed on our Western American Road Trip

‘No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.’ // Lin Yutang You’ve probably seen this quote knocking around on the internet. If not, then I’m glad … Continued