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32 Things To Do Before I’m 30

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My 32 Things To Do Before I’m 30:

I’m a list person. I like packing lists, I like to-do lists, I like destination lists, I like bucket lists… Anyone who has ever been on a road trip with me will know how geeky I get about itineraries – which are basically just lists with dates attached.

So of course, I couldn’t resist making this one. It started out as a ’30 before 30′ list – but since I’m the sort of person who always bites of a bit more than she can chew, I’ve ended up with 32.

At the time of writing, I felt like I was floating between life paths. I was working through my life week by week (sometimes all 7 days) and seeing my life disappearing right in front of me, with little to no time spent on my own personal goals.

I needed to force myself to break that up. To take an extended tea break, as it were.

32 things to do before I'm 30 list - the tea break project solo female travel blog

Before my 30th birthday (in 2020, if you’re wondering), I’m aiming to complete the following:

  1. Publish a poetry pamphlet
  2. Write & publish a Mills & Boon style novel (because let’s face it, why not?!)
  3. Travel to Antarctica
  4. Travel to at least 5 new countries
  5. Visit Lizzie in Barcelona
  6. Visit Jessi in Portland, Oregon
  7. Drive around Iceland’s Route 1
  8. Island hopping in the Pacific
  9. Take a solo trip that lasts at least a month
  10. Spend at least a week at the Edinburgh Fringe
  11. Visit Ireland
  12. Road trip the coast of California
  13. Drive a convertible (roof down)
  14. Take a road trip in a camper van
  15. Go on a writing retreat by the sea
  16. Go to a music festival
  17. Order room service
  18. Hold a conversation in Spanish
  19. Climb a mountain
  20. Undertake (and complete) a multi-day walk
  21. Be able to run a mile without collapsing / seizing up / giving up and walking
  22. Do 30 sit-ups in a row
  23. Take a photography course
  24. Bake at least one cake
  25. Knit or crochet something (anything will do)
  26. Make an item of clothing, which is acceptable to wear in public and doesn’t fall apart
  27. Own (and have reason to wear) a full length ball gown
  28. Give cards / chocolates / flowers to a stranger / strangers on Valentine’s Day
  29. Buy a piece of original artwork
  30. Finish reading The Well of Loneliness
  31. Reach 1000 twitter followers (you can help with this one here)
  32. Glamping

Do you have a list of things to achieve before you’re 30 (or any other significant date)?

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